Three Inspiring Books to Read

Source by David Amps

I love inspirational books and I personally have a large collection of them of which I like to read over often depending on whats happening in my life at that moment. Sometimes a few chapters of a specific book and sometimes just a quote that stands out to me and brings some comfort, guidance or just to lift my spirit. There are three books that stand out as a must for anyone's inspirational book collection and I will do my best to explain why.

1) The War of Art.

"The war of the arts" is a great book that every person on this planet should have. It is written by Stephen Pressfield. The book is about resistance and how it promises us from achieving the work we are born to do. Resistance is personified and talked about almost like an evil force which tries to cripple our hopes and dreams by allowing us to be afraid, to procrastinate and run away from that job we all know we want to do deep inside of ourselves. This is definitely an inspiring book and will motivate you to fulfill your dreams.

2) The Alchemist.

"The Alchemist" is about the quest of the young seeker, Santiago, as he searches for knowledge. He has to leave his home and journey to places where his uncertainty about expectations and customs challenge his sense of identity, but he is determined and perseverates through setbacks. Sometimes he meets the Alchemist, who mentors him and helps him to have the courage to follow his dreams. The landscapes and cultures described seem timeless and, although realistic, they are also 'otherworldly'. It is an enchanting and inspiring book. The moral of this book is to not be afraid to follow you dreams and the almost imminent challenges you'll face when trying to do so. "The Alchemist" is written by Paulo Coelho

3) The Prophet.

The Prophet is about a mysterious religious thinker who is about to leave for his native land. Before he goes, many people have just one question to ask him. In a very few words, he tells them his accumulated wisdom primarily in a nondenominational way. The only exceptions come in the references to rebirth. The essence of each brief lesson is that we have to step outside of our own perspective to see things in the way that God does and wants us to. It is a book that will teach you many things about yourself and also give you many answers to a few problems that we face in life. An essential for any book collectors out there the Prophet is a must read. The Prophet is written by Kahlil Gibran

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