Book Review – Dr Bob Rotella's 'Putting Out of Your Mind'

Source by Jack DA Brown

If you are one of the majority of golfer's out there who regularly regularly gets frustrated and upset by your putting performance, then Dr Bob Rotella's 'Putting Out of Your Mind' is one book that I would definitely recommend reading. His simple and easy to understand messages and style of writing will help you to create a whole new positive attitude towards your game.

The key message from this wonderful Dr Bob Rotella book is:

'Take your satisfaction not from wherever the putt drops but from when you got yourself in the right frame of mind to hit the putt'.

Dr Bob Rotella believes that one of the reasons for poor putting is because many golfers allow the negative effects of the conscious mind to have too much of an influence. 'Putting Out of your Mind' will help you to understand how you control your mental processes and eliminate these influences.

Dr Bob Rotella is known for being one of the best shrinks in the game and his 'Putting Out of Your Mind' book contains some outstanding advice and insights on how to create a mindset that will have you putting away freely, without anxiety or stress, and will have you actually looking forward to your next putting challenge.

Although 'Putting Out of Your Mind' is a reliably short book, it contains some wonderful chapters, including 'How Good Putters Think', 'The Light is Always Greener' and many more, that will teach you all the intricacies and psychology of putting which will help you to believe in your own abilities.

There are priceless quotes in this book, from some of the best golfers in the world, that help you to understand his messages clearer and which will also give you a great insight into how Champions think.

Dr Bob Rotella's book 'Putting out your mind' is a great read and will change the way you approach your putting game for good.

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